Some of our projects will be announced.
Some of them will not.
It depends on the people we need and our ability to “rejuice” and “squeeze” the fresh fruit on desk or decisions to pick something new from the human garden or even announce on VK or FACEBOOK

We can assure you that working with us is fun and funky, – we love what we do and do what we love and do our very best to make actors and extras feel safe and sound on set and surroundings.

We don’t see the point og listing up a whole lot of projects in public, but will show you some clips on request.
We appreciate confidentiality.
We appreciate respect.
We appreciate the sacred sound from the grapevine.
We appreciate being a small company believing that growth is something messing up the core of the matter.

A big part of who we are is who we are not and we allow ourselves to say “no” to projects that is not common to our own identity and integrity.
A big part of who we are is our eager to act kind in any way we can while still acting professional.

We are presenting good mood in all shapes and colours mainly within FMCG.
We support animal welfare, the freedom of speech and the right to be who ever you want to be.
LGBT friendly.