Based on several years doing casting for commercials, movies and documentaries we have received a whole lot of inquiries from people not knowing how to make an entrance.
We really love to read your inquiries.
We read them all.
We also try to respond to each and everyone even though we are aware that this is not a common effort.

What do you do when having a crush on somebody?
What do you do when you wake up the next morning not even getting the opportunity to get a cup of coffee before being told to leave?

Some people don’t see the similarity.
Some people never learn.
Too many people introduce themselves in a way that they have been told to introduce themselves by people not knowing how to make an entrance, this might be “friends forever” or “professionals” earning their money by presenting a myth.
You need to do this.
You need to do that.
You end up presenting a blurred image based on a stencil not fit to your own shape and colours.

Why do so many people find it so hard to make an entrance?
Why do so many people find it so hard to present themselves as themselves?
There might be many answers to questions like that, but the most common one in our own opinion is based on the experience that they probably don’t know the difference between “picture perfect” and “perfect fit”.

You are not supposed to be “acting” when you respond to a casting call.
You are just supposed to be yourself leaving it all up to us finding out if you are able to be acting in the way that you are supposed to be acting when being on set. Success performing something somewhere with someone is not equal to success elsewhere. We don’t believe that your history can be used as a golden ticket when entering a different scenery in other circumstances, surroundings and audience.
We trust the vibes.
Energy never lies.

Quite often we receive inquiries not including anything else than telling that they are interested attaching a link to Instagram. Some of them are even having a private profile believing that we are just so eager to see their pictures that we would love to be one of way too many followers.
We don’t.
Cinemon Vision and Vibes is working in a quite different way than many other companies, and sometimes we even wonder why there are so many being attracted to all the things that we are not attracted to.
We respect that.
We also believe that this is a major cause of our success and productivity.

Please note that we are truly aware of the fact that there is a whole lot of websites offering a “service” by having your “professional profile” stored keeping you posted to casting calls if you are willing and able to buy a licence. We advice you to always check out the information published by the origin because this might include important information presented as referral images or videos, changes made regarding location or time scheduled or what ever. We are also aware that some people apply to all the casting calls listed in search of fame or easy money to be earned, but those are not the ones invited by us in order to have fun when presenting good mood in all shapes and colours.

Paint a perfect picture
Bring to life a vision in one’s mind
The beautiful ones always smash the picture
Always every time

– Prince

We are looking forward to receive your inquiry.