Frequently asked questions from people who would like to join the cast setting the background action when presenting good mood in all shapes and colours, – including questions asked regarding who we are and what we do and what ever.

There is no such thing as a stupid question. The quest for knowledge includes failure, and that just because one person may know less than others they should not be afraid to ask rather than pretend they already know.

What kind of experience do I need to become an extra?
None. You just have to follow instructions made on set, enjoy working with people and perform an honest work.
We know how to make you feel safe and sound.

What kind of people are you looking for?
We are looking for every kind of people depending on the production, the setting and the vibes to be presented.
We never cast models connected to agencies, professional athletes or retired athletes or anyone presented in reality garbage.
We never publish casting calls in search for bodies or shadows.

How do do want me to reply to your casting calls?
Tell us what you are able to do according to the call and how you are supposed to act being the one presented, but keep in mind that we are not attracted to previous productions with someone else not being us.
e don’t read resumes.

We don’t watch reels or attachments never asked for.
We are not attracted to things done without us, meaning that you have to convince us by telling who you are and what you are able to do according to the call. Please note that we don’t respond to comments or messages just telling to have sent their application, this is annoying and causing a blurred first impression, adding that we don’t fancy the ones responding in any other channel than the one mentioned.

How should I look in my photos?
Natural and honest and clear representation describing your current look.
Please don’t try to strike a pose.
Professional photos are not required, and keep in mind that we are not attracted to VSCO-babes or silly shots on TikTok. Acting “picture perfect” is way beyond our definition of being perfect fit.
Please send your pictures as attachments and not inserted in the e-mail, also be aware that we don’t bother checking external links unless you are told to send a link presenting some of your moves or what ever. Keep in mind that we want to see pictures of you and the way you look IRL the same day as sending the application.

How can I increase my chances of being booked on a production?
You can’t, but we notice and recognise extras who show up on time, are friendly and easy to work with, are good communicators and are flexible.
People are people and if you are able to present good mood in all shapes and colours in the way presented abob
e, there is a good chance we will hire you.
Be kind.

Do you perform a screen test or an interview?
Generally, there is not one for an extras part.
You may be called to audition for leading roles or if you are going to do some special moves that we would like to get confirmed that you are able to do.

Do the extras get paid in time?
Yes, the salary date is always 1st of each month. If you have the opportunity to send an invoice, you’ll get paid right away.

Can I get my travel expenses to location reimbursed?
Yes, sometimes you can. It depends on several things which will be discussed with you in private.

Do the extras have any kind of insurance if any accident might happen on set?
Yes, of course. But remember that accidents never happen, they are caused.

Can I stop by your office and say hello?
Yes, but only in Prague. We don’t really see the reason why you should unless you are keen on grabbing a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun having a nice chat giving us an excuse to take a break. Please note that we are not attracted to people believing there is a “competiton” or “sales process” in order to take part in our productions. Visiting us might be considered a good idea, but sometimes we believe that visiting us is just an act trying to move forward in a queue.
We don’t have a queue.

Do you always add music to your commercials?
Yes, we do. Music helps to grab attention even before anything happens in the commercial, it helps to control perception and to set the mood. Sometimes we even choose the music before writing the script in order to let the script follow the music.

Why did you choose to establish your own company?
Because we love what we do and do what we love and love doing it our own way.

5 out of 7 girls working at Cinemon Vision and Vibes are redheads, are they true redheads?

How do I apply if I would like to work in your company?
It begins with telling us that you would like to do so, following up by expressing yourself in your own way. Please remember that we trust the vibes and energy never lies. That mentioned, we appreciate being a small company believing that growth is something messing up the core of the matter.

Are you in need for external partners?
Yes, we like to establish some kind of a relationship with those being able to serve us in a way that we love to be served. Location scouts and all kinds of scouting, people in communities and associations that may include the cast we are looking for (eg. dancers).

What is a the meaning of a buyout?
With a buyout, the client can air their commercial as many times they want within the contract period without having to renegotiate any contracts or pay you any more money. Some people is believing that this is a contract which is not allowing you to take part in other productions, but that is wrong.

How do you perform “street casting”?
It’s easy. When we see a person able to give us the right kind of vibes, we just approach and tell who we are and ask if you would like to be part of a cast presenting good mood in all shapes and colours. Taking benefit from instant response in true environments true to life is the best reference describing who you are.

When you call me and I have to let you down, will you exclude me in future openings?
No, of course not. There is probably a reason why you have to let us down. No worries, each and every project is living it’s own life.

Why do you keep your gallery password protected?
The gallery is open to clients only. We don’t believe that our history can be used as a golden ticket in search of new projects because we know that each and every single production deserves to live a life on it’s own. Having fun at one party is not our trigger to the next and we are not a great fan of those taking pictures at parties sending them to someone not being a part of it.

Why don’t you brand the company name in your casting calls? ?
We never brand the company names in our casting calls and that is mainly due to our own idea of wishing to receive inquiries from the ones getting the true vibes of the set and scenery and not because of being starstruck. When sending replies to candidates that somewhat appears to be the ones we are looking for, they are informed of company name and everything surrounded in order for us to be confirmed that this is something that they really want to be a part of, meaning matching their own integrity and set of values and so on. Most of our clients prefer keeping a low key and some people are actually finding that quite strange when getting to know who they are.

Why do you check my social media presence?
Because many other people will do the same and we need to be sure that your precence is OK according to our own idea of fun. We have been “that close” presenting people performing porn on social media if it wasn’t for our ability to take the walk around the block and confirm the entrance.

All this mentioned, we don’t really care if you might be offended by the text used in our own casting calls or what ever, and we will never argue with people who realize that we simply don’t like their attitude.

Somebody else probably will.

Please help us to add the list, we enjoy reading messages from you and try to answer them all unless we have to use the phrase “let me get back to you” which probably sounds much better than IDK.

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