We perform “street casting” meaning that we find the people we are looking for in true environments. We are not that found of instababes and -dudes posing in front of the mirror sending their pictures all over the world in search of fame.

If you are one of many who have received a card from us on the bus or in the streets or in a coffee shop or what ever, we can assure you that we are true professionals not trying to fool you in any way.

Sometimes we announce our need on social media (eg VK or FACEBOOK), but we don’t see the point of keeping your portfolio due to this GDPR-hysteria.
People change.
People may fit in one position and misfit in the next and also mentioned by the fact that most of our clients find it difficult if you are present in other projects unless there is something special about you that we cannot resist.
Please help us to remind you.

Your application is to be limited to the words describing yourself in the position presented including recent shots in normal conditions and environments.
That’s it.
Please be aware that we are not even attracted to all the things you have been doing in other productions, we don’t believe that being considered sucessfull doing something else with someone else is similar to being successfull doing the things that you are expected to do when being together with us.

We try to be as accurate as we have to be when sharing casting calls, but sometimes our publications are picked up by other agencies earning money by making the shit hit the fan causing challenges for you and for you only when we have closed a project not knowing the project appears to be visible by words written on walls not made colourful by us.

We love people with a natural look and natural smiles.
We love people who love to dance even if nobody is watching.
We trust the vibes.
Energy never lies.

Any questions?
Check FAQ or even How to (not) reply to casting calls