Based in Prague, – working all over Europe. Seven girls made their dream come true last summer by establishing their own production company focusing on commercials, documentaries and short movies.

We make fun and funky commercials mostly within FMCG and Retail, but please feel free to approach if you want us to get acquainted with your industry.

We create set and script easily recognised to your target as being real and sincere thanks to our ability to adapt situations and environments from every day people and the way they live using our sociology skills to catch the things people do and why they do the things they do.
Mixed with a funky twist, of course.
The name of our company is not something written wrong, but it is a mix of our favourite colour and the things we do and what we make.

This site is under construction.
Just like you.

contact information in general: cinemon.casting@gmail.com
otherwise: andrea.dziubenko@gmail.com